Beyond React?

I became aware of Svelte today,, it sounds very interesting. The video of the presentation “Rethinking Reactivity” from “You Gotta Love Frontend Code Camp” is well worth a watch (embedded on that page). There are some very interesting ideas in there. The virtual DOM is not used to compare the difference between changes, it uses the DOM directly resulting in a faster render.

React came along in 2013 and changed everything, but I often wonder what might be next. It may be Svelte, it may be a later version of React with new ideas and influences.

At this stage I’m not going to rush out and move away from React, certainly in my day job, but Svelte is well worth playing with, and it re-enforces the idea that nothing stands still for long.

By deadlyhifi

I like bikes, the web, and punk rock. @deadlyhifi

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