Open Source Abuse

(Open) source of anxiety – Increment: Open Source

This talks about the reliance put on Open Source projects. Some of these projects are vital to the community, in this case Babel, and there is very little thanks back from the people who use it. When I say people, I mean large corporations who don’t offer anything back but are completely happy to use it to their benefit.

In this kind of scenario I think the Open Source model is broken. It’s open to abuse. There are no demands from corporations to pay for its use – be that through money or time.

I’m not sure how this should be solved – beside a co-ordinated shift in licence across all OS products? That would be very difficult. All I know is, I don’t like the very capitalist view of take take take, reap reap reap, and give nothing back.

By deadlyhifi

I like bikes, the web, and punk rock. @deadlyhifi

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