On being an introvert

I spend lots of time fighting against my own traits.

While others are pitting their thoughts across in a meeting I have delved deeply into the first point, losing some of the later stuff. Not moving fast, considering everything and formulating my answer. Does this work in a fast paced Agile environment? How do I use it to my advantage? More prep is required.

The book Quiet repeats the fact that extroverts are more likely to rise to the top of the corporate ladder – they’re shouting the loudest, this is the hare and tortoise watched from the start line – the hare sets off and is out of sight – who’s your money on?

But in the long run introverts are winning.

Who are you going to employ? Both types of people.

Who are you going to promote and recognise? Both types of people? You’d like to think so, but what’s the reality?

This article is mostly based on me reading Quiet, but also on the 38 years of deep thought about everything I’ve encountered – the largest time being thoughts on me, who, and what I am.

It’s taken me months to read this book. There’s so much information in there that seems to apply directly to me that there’s a highlight on every page, sometimes full pages. Maybe I’m on a “spectrum”, but I’m also able to be quite social. Alcohol helps with that. I often think that others are like sober is what I’m like after a couple of beers. I can’t be drunk all the time though! Nor would I want to be. So, given the correct stimulant I can be both things, but not at work of course.

I am learning to be me.

“I use to be a lot like you. Now I’m more like me.” – Boy Sets Fire.

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I like bikes, the web, and punk rock. @deadlyhifi

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