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Performance Budgets

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I’m on a mission at the moment to bring in performance budgets at work. Page load speed has been disregarded for such a long time that it’s become a revolution to even get people thinking about it. Yet PB would complement all our KPIs – Engineering Quality and User Experience, among others.

The article speaks about devices in emerging markets and sets PB to suit. Our product has a different market – namely it is limited to use within the UK. This means our baseline device usage is more modern and fast. However, that’s a presumption and many devices are being released that look like high performance devices with full screens and very nice cameras, but are sporting CPUs from a few years ago. Therefore the JavaScript bundle size is still a very relevant metric since its unpacking and processing still happens on the main thread,

If the script executes for more than 50ms, time-to-interactive is delayed by the entire amount of time it takes to download, compile, and execute the JS

Which in turn impacts the all so important metric, especially from a UX perspective, the Time to Interactive.

When should you be using Web Workers? –

This article paints a similar picture, and has details of the CPUs among devices. It’s unsurprising that Apple leads the way with their CPUs, they’ve always been a forerunner of UX being the primary factor in their products, and a high performance CPU is complementary to good design. This is the intersection-section between engineers and designers working together to deliver a great user experience.

But how? How do you make product owners and marketers care more? I think it has to be tied to consumer spend to have any gravitas. How can an engineer moaning that the JS bundle is too big when the product is being reviewed on a MacBook Pro and a tier 1 internet connection? When the primary device being whipped out of our pockets is high end and replaced every 2 years? When the product demand comes from marketers who speak only of promotions and features? We need numbers, we need to know that impact on the page load speed has an X amount of detrimental effect on spend, user experience, likelihood to initially engage with the product, and chances of returning in the future.

Infrequently Noted

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