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No thanks Apple Watch

I had a Garmin watch. Which I wasn’t impressed with. It was just OK. The user interface and quality of their app store wasn’t good, and the user submitted watch faces embarrassingly bad. I liked being connected though. One day the whole watch reset itself and the watch face I had in there I couldn’t find again – with the data I wanted to see.

Then Apple came out with their Series 5, finally with an always on screen. I went for it. For 30 days I was really impressed. The quality of the hardware is amazing. The software excellent. The accuracy of heart rate monitoring, step counting, et al, superb. I was walking further every day to get my step and calorie count up. I had my todo items marked on the screen, upcoming calendar events, the weather, and other things. It told me stand up every hour. Made me have breathing breaks. I could ask it things. It’s an amazing bit of kit. In some ways it’s the first step to not needing a phone in your pocket anymore.

The only thing that annoyed me was I had to charge it every night.

Then I realised. I was stressed out. I had to complete these move rings every day. It would message me and say I was behind my move count compared to my usual day. I became enslaved by it. Rather than relieve me from phone stress it seemed to double it. I must stress that this is about me. It’s how I react to this kind of “completionist” stress.

So I’ve got rid. I stopped wearing it and I felt free. I missed the odd feature, like a quick glance to see what my in-pocket phone just buzzed about. But I have an answer.

I bought a Withings Steel HR Sport. It’s a watch with some extras; Basic extras that I’m not revolving my life around. I really like it.

By deadlyhifi

I like bikes, the web, and punk rock. @deadlyhifi

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