Open Source Abuse

(Open) source of anxiety – Increment: Open Source This talks about the reliance put on Open Source projects. Some of these projects are vital to the community, in this case Babel, and there is very little thanks back from the people who use it. When I say people, I mean large corporations who don’t offer…… Continue reading Open Source Abuse

The London Rush

Today I went to apply for my Dutch passport. I’m Dutch by rights because my dad is Dutch When I was born and was Dutch at my 18th birthday, despite me being born in England and holding an English passport all my life. This has been months in the planning. The application is quite involved…… Continue reading The London Rush

Fat Cat

The cat at the top tells the product owners what they want. The fat cat is not a software engineer. The product owner tells the engineers what they want. The engineers bend over backwards to accommodate the will of the product owner because they are not on an equal level respect wise. The product owners…… Continue reading Fat Cat

Fight the Power

Today I wrote this. I’m quite pleased with it, 😁. You see, we have a new codebase and if I let happen to it what has happened to the current codebase I wouldn’t be doing my job. The homepage exists now, it is not complete, it is not released, but it already has tech debt.…… Continue reading Fight the Power


We went to dinner at some friend’s. Their house. We always have a good time. We talk about grown up things like buying houses and mortgages and kids growing up and work and things like that. And it’s nice. I don’t feel old because of it, I feel responsible and like I have some words…… Continue reading Adulting

Workplace Silos

When I worked in a web agency I/we often moaned about our clients. Their lack of understanding, the difficulties in communication, etc. I though that when I was part of a bigger company, all working on the same product, this would be different. It’s the same. The clients just happen to be in the same…… Continue reading Workplace Silos

The New Facebook

Facebook for Developers – Building the New with React, GraphQL and Relay I love this presentation as the topics covered are exactly what I’m thinking about at the moment. Facebook is obviously a far larger application with much more data to deal with, but I’d love to apply these learnings into the workflow and…… Continue reading The New Facebook

All Day Hey 2019

The conference was superb. A really good range of speakers covering a multitude of topics. Some inspiring, some very practical, some not about code at all. I love that this conference is right here in my home city. World class right here.

There’s too much choice

Choice – it’s often heralded as a good thing. Consumer choice. “We give people the choice”. I find choice tiring. There’s too much of it. We are inundated with it in everything we do. Many times it’s stopped me buying things altogether. I just can’t be bothered to deal with the fear of buying the…… Continue reading There’s too much choice

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