All Day Hey 2019

The conference was superb. A really good range of speakers covering a multitude of topics. Some inspiring, some very practical, some not about code at all. I love that this conference is right here in my home city. World class right here.

There’s too much choice

Choice - it’s often heralded as a good thing. Consumer choice. “We give people the choice”. I find choice tiring. There’s too much of it. We are inundated with it in everything we do. Many times it’s stopped me buying things altogether. I just can’t be bothered to deal with the fear of buying the [...]

Beyond React?

I became aware of Svelte today,, it sounds very interesting. The video of the presentation “Rethinking Reactivity” from “You Gotta Love Frontend Code Camp” is well worth a watch (embedded on that page). There are some very interesting ideas in there. The virtual DOM is not used to compare the difference between changes, it [...]

I’ve stopped listening but I’m fully aware

I stopped listening and reading to the news a while ago. I found everything depressing. Depressing to the point that it was affecting me directly. Global issues made me think there was no hope, and issues more close to home, violence against others, and especially any form of child abuse would make me feel very [...]

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