Fight the Power

Today I wrote this. I’m quite pleased with it, 😁. You see, we have a new codebase and if I let happen to it what has happened to the current codebase I wouldn’t be doing my job. The homepage exists now, it is not complete, it is not released, but it already has tech debt. [...]


We went to dinner at some friend’s. Their house. We always have a good time. We talk about grown up things like buying houses and mortgages and kids growing up and work and things like that. And it’s nice. I don’t feel old because of it, I feel responsible and like I have some words [...]

Beyond React?

I became aware of Svelte today,, it sounds very interesting. The video of the presentation “Rethinking Reactivity” from “You Gotta Love Frontend Code Camp” is well worth a watch (embedded on that page). There are some very interesting ideas in there. The virtual DOM is not used to compare the difference between changes, it [...]

I’ve stopped listening but I’m fully aware

I stopped listening and reading to the news a while ago. I found everything depressing. Depressing to the point that it was affecting me directly. Global issues made me think there was no hope, and issues more close to home, violence against others, and especially any form of child abuse would make me feel very [...]

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