I’ve been teaching

Last year I was invited to give some training on HTML and CSS as part of my employer’s graduate scheme. Some of the students have a degree in computery courses, others are new to the world of programming. I had to fill around 5 hours over two mornings. It went well. Well, the truth is, [...]

No thanks Apple Watch

I had a Garmin watch. Which I wasn’t impressed with. It was just OK. The user interface and quality of their app store wasn’t good, and the user submitted watch faces embarrassingly bad. I liked being connected though. One day the whole watch reset itself and the watch face I had in there I couldn’t [...]


I'm not sure about MVP (Minimum Viable Product). I get the concept, and I agree with it—it's an important concept within Agile, but I feel it gets misunderstood in software development as an excuse to let bad code through. That's not entirely fair - the bad code, or rather, the shortcut code, often goes through [...]

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