Sleep Wow. Sleep. You NEED sleep. Without it you will not perform well, at anything. In my previous post I talked about imposter syndrome. I’m having a bout of it now. I am also not sleeping particularly well at the moment. It’s only been a few days - not weeks or anything - but I [...]

Moments of self doubt

I’m growing more confident but as work and pressures of deadlines build up I become uneasy. Doubt creeps into my thoughts. I have a feeling that says that I only got here by piggybacking on the success of others. I’m just a bystander that gets caught in the flow and somehow people think I was [...]

It’s not in the paper, it’s on the wall

When I travel I like to look at the graffiti and stickers. It gives you an idea of what the protests are. What is going on in the underground without necessarily being in the papers or in the mainstream media outlets. Here in Konstantz I’m seeing a lot of green revolution messages. Veganism, extinction rebellion, [...]

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