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Beyond React?

I became aware of Svelte today,, it sounds very interesting. The video of the presentation “Rethinking Reactivity” from “You Gotta Love Frontend Code Camp” is well worth a watch (embedded on that page). There are some very interesting ideas in there. The virtual DOM is not used to compare the difference between changes, it…… Continue reading Beyond React?


Last night I saw Samiam play at the Union as part of Manchester Punk Festival. I love Samiam. I’ve been listening to them for many years. They’re in important part of my musical history. Last night was the 4th time I’ve seen them. Maybe 1997 was the first time at the Duchess in Leeds. Then…… Continue reading Samiam

Saying No

In the past I’ve been very bad at saying no to requests for my help and I’ve found myself stretched thin. Not to say that these things weren’t beneficial, but at times it caused a lot of stress. Over the past 2-3 years I’ve practiced saying no and I’m now much more comfortable doing it.…… Continue reading Saying No

On Refactoring

Do you clean your home? Do you take your rubbish out? Have a tidy up? When it’s aged do you redecorate? When your needs change do you remodel? Why? Things get used, your needs change over time… you need to keep a mental model of where things are so you can find them. When you…… Continue reading On Refactoring